Unit 7

  ●Word recycling and grammar reviewing(旧词循环和语法复习)

  Ⅰ.Fill in the blank with the right verb form.(用所给动词的正确形式填空。)

  1.Rose is ________(read) newspaper now.

  Rose ________(read) newspaper every evening .

  答案:reading;reads 根据时间状语now,every evening可知第一个空考查现在进行时,第二个 空考查一般现在时。

  2.What is Mike doing now?Mike is ________(have) a bath now.

  ________Mike have a bath every morning?No,he ________.

  答案:having;Does;doesn’t 根据时间状语 now,every morning可知第一个空考查现在进行时,第二个、第三个空考查一般现在时的一般疑问句和其否定回答。

  3.What is Lucia’s brother doing?He is ________(play) computer games now.

  答案:playing 根据时间状语 now 可知考查现在进行时。

  ●Preparation for new lessons(新课预习)

  Ⅱ.Multiple choice(单项选择)

  1.________ the weather in the south these days?

  A.What’s B.How’s C.Where’s D.Who’s

  答案:B 询问天气可用“What’s the weather like”或“How is the weather”。

  2.It was________in the morning.

  A.cloud B.clouds C.cloudy D.cloudies

  答案:C 本句为主系表结构,系动词后跟形容词。

  3.—What’s he doing?


  A.He’s watch TV B.He wat ching TV

  C.He watches TV D.He’s watching TV

  答案:D 根据问句可知时态为现在进行时,构成为be+doing。


  —Not bad.

  A.What’s it going B.How’s it going

  C.Where’s it going D.How it is going

  答案:B 根据答语可知提问事情进展情况 。


  —It’s snowing.

  A.Is it snowing B.What’s the weather there

  C.How’s the weather there D.How’s the weather like there

  答案:C 根据答语可知提问天气情况,B、D两项表述错误。



  ●Exercises for new words(生词专练)

  Ⅰ.Complete the sentences with the right words.(用正确的单词完成句子。)

  1.It often s________ in winter.


  2.What is the w________ like?It’s cloudy.


  3.It’s cold outside.You must put on w________ clothes.


  4.Eiffel Tower is in F________.


  5.Egyptians come from E________.


  Ⅱ.Draw lines to match the dialogue.(把下列对话用线连起来。)

  Ⅰ Ⅱ

  1.How’s the weather? a.Pretty good.How about you?

  2.What are you doing? b.It’s snowing.

  3.How was your vacation? c.I’m cooking.

  4.Do you like cold weather? d.No,I don’t.

  5.How’s it going? e.It was great.We went to visit China.

  答案:1.b 2.c 3.e 4.d 5.a

  ●Exercises for phrases(短语专练)

  Ⅲ.Complete the English sentences according to the Chinese.(根据汉语意思完成句子。)


  Look!The children________________ in the park.

  答案:are having a good time


  ________________in Beijing is ________and________________.

  答案:The weather;cold ;windy in winter


  ________________they ________in the classroom?

  答案:What are;doing


  I___________________ Five Thousand Years of History.

  答案:am reading


  I want________ Egypt______________.

  答案:to go to;to ride camels

  ●Exercises for function items(交际用语专练)

  Ⅳ.Compl ete the dialogue.(补全对话。)

  A:Hello,this is Jim.1________that?

  B:Hi,Jim.2________ 3_ _______ Bill.

  A:Oh,Bill.How is it 4________?

  B:Not 5________.

  A:6________ the 7________ there?

  B:It’s cloudy,Jim.What are you 8________ now?

  A:I’m 9________ the big football match.

  B:Great,I’m watching it,10________.

  答案:1.Who’s 2.This 3.is 4.going 5.bad 6.How’s 7.weather 8.doing 9.watching10.too

  ●Exercises for grammar(语法专练)

  Ⅴ.Multiple choice(单项选择)

  1.—________is the weather like ________ Tokyo?

  —It’s raining.

  A.How;in B.How;about C.What;in D.What;about

  答案:C 问天气用What is the weather like?或How is the weather? 在某个城市用in。

  2.My mother ________ in the kitchen right now.

  A.cook B.cooks C.is cooking D.cooked 答案:C 根据时间状语now,可知本题考查的是现在进行时。

  3.Look!They ________ soccer with that child.

  A.play B.played C.are playing D.are play

  答案:C 从loo k来考虑,可知本题考查的是现在进行时。

  4.It’s ________ outside,please take off your coat.

  A.cold` B.sunny C.warm D.dry

  答案:B take off 意为“脱下”,既然脱下,可推断出天气热。

  5.A:How is your vacation________?

  B:It’s great.

  A.doing B.going C.like D.go

  答案:B 本句的意思是“假期怎么样?”How is your vacation going?相当于How is your vacation?或What is your vacation like?

  6.What ________ you ________ now?

  A.do;do B.are;doing C.are;do D.do;doing

  答案:B 根据时间状语now,可知本题考查的是现在进行时。

  7.A:How’s the weather in Shanghai?

  B:It’s ________.

  A.rains B.raining C.rain D.rained

  答案:B 此句意为“正在下雨”, 应用现在进行时,A、C、D三项均不符合语法常识。

  8.________ fine weather today!

  A.What B.How C.How a D.What a

  答案:A fine weather是名词短语,不能用选项B和C。又weather为不可数名词,所以不用选项D。

  9.A:What ________ you ________ when it is raining?

  B:Do some read ing.

  A.are;do B.are;doing C.do;do D.do;doi ng

  答案:B 现在进行时的构成:be+doing。

  10.A:Is it cool or hot in June in Beijing?


  A.Yes,it is. B.No,it isn’t. C.It’s cool. D.Yes,it is cool.

  答案:C 本题考查选择疑问 句的回答,选择疑问句不能用Yes或No回答。



  ●Elementary exercises(基础题)

  Ⅰ.Write down the right word form requested in the brackets.












  6. wear(同音词)________

  答案 :where







  ●Integrated exercises(综合题)

  Ⅱ.Multiple choice(单项选择)

  1.Jim,________your father watching TV?

  A.are B.be C.is

  答案:C 由watching 可知此题为现在进行时,your father是第三人称单数。

  2.I have some good friends.One of my friends ________ American.

  A.is B.are C.am

  答案:A one of my friends意为“我的朋友之一”,后面动词应用第三人称单数。

  3.There are many bikes over there.________old one is Meimei’s.

  A.The B.An C.A

  答案:A 题考查冠词用法,表示特指时应用定冠词the。

  4.Do you know the boy ________ white?

  A.at B.in C.with

  答案:B 此题考查语言习惯,in white 意为“穿着白色衣服”。

  5.—Can you speak French?

  —Yes,but only________.

  A.little B.much C.a little

  答案:C little表示否定,a little表示肯定。根据答语中的Yes可知句意为肯定。

  ●Link to test(模拟链接)



  When July comes,children know they’ll have their examinations and the school year will  1  soon.Boys and girls will have nearly a two-month holiday,and they’ll leave school  2   train or by car to  3  their parents.

  The summer holidays are the  4  time of the year for most children.The weather is usually good, so children can spend most of their time  5  outside.If one lives in the countryside,he can go and play in the woods or in the fields.If he  6  in a big town,he can usually go to a park to play.

  The best place for children to spend their summer holidays is the  7 .Some chihdren are lucky enough to live near the sea. 8  for those who do not live there,if they have the luck to stay in one of the big seaside towns for a week or two,they will  9  it all the following school year.

  Now, 10 makes children like the seaside so much?I think they are the sands,the sea and the sun.The feeling of sand under their feet,salt water on their skin,and the warm sun on their backs makes them very happy.

  1. A.arrive B.start C.begin D.end

  2.A.on B.by C.in D.at

  3.A.love B.see C.watch D.return

  4.A .best B.better C.worst D.worse

  5.A.missing B.working C.playing D.studying

  6.A.loses B.enjoys C.lives D.reaches

  7.A.vil lage B.seaside C.city D.park

  8.A.But B.Unless C.Or D.And

  9.A.hear from B.speak to C.agree with D.talk about

  10.A.that B.which C.who D.what


  1.D 由上下文可知这一学期要结束了。

  2.B by train意为“乘火车”。

  3.B 由上文“they’ll leave school”可知他们乘车看望父母。

  4.A 由of the year可确定用最高级。

  5.C 由上下句可 知是在外面玩耍。

  6.C 通过下句可判断是住在城里。

  7.B 通过下句可推测 出是“海边”。

  8.A 由“for those who do not live there”确定和后句是转折关系。

  9.D 根据“the following school year”推测他们会谈论这件事。

  10.D 根据下文可确定上句意为“什么使孩子们这么喜欢海边?”